Hello, this is DELTA FLY.

"Real" pilots know us for a long time: Exactly since 1981.
In a small village called Holzgerlingen near by Stuttgart
Hans Madreiter startet with developing and manufacturing
of harnesses for hang gliders. In the following years
he added a number of products and services

Increasing demands needed to expand the programm with a new part
of the market: paragliders.
In the european "scene" thses names of DELTAFLY-paragliders
soon became well known:
SPIRIT, Spirit-FXC and finally the FINESSE.

Since 1990 DELTAFLY is seated in Aidlingen, near by Stuttgart too.
There is enough space for the complete production from
development to serial manufacturing.
New ideas are realized using modern hard- and software, experts
in aerodynamics, aircraft-design, product-engineering and more are
part of the basic capacities of DELTAFLY.

Well known pilots are testing the flight behaviour of our wings even
in extreme situations. Our aims are to get highest safety levels and
to offer our customers only best results. Without any doubt the
quality of DELTAFLY products is known to be absolutely high levelled.
As well as our service.

Hans Madreiter knows about the qualities of infrastructure in the
business area around Stuttgart.
The surrounding region offers - among other advantages -
a original characteristic of its people that is to be described may be
with a kind of "never resigning" in following a certain idea.

DELTAFLYs big points still are the continously working team,
the product´s quality, the close contact to the customers

Added to this combination of experience, know how, high tech
and - above all: personal engagement of the whole team,
DELTAFLY became this very special brand.

- made by pilots - for pilots.


DELTA FLY by Hans Madreiter

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