EXPRESS harness. Designed to fit the demands of rigid wings pilots !

Now the new harness EXPRESS is available !
Developed together with A·I·R, it aims to perfect aerodynamic shape - specially for all rigid wings pilots.
Since this season a number of pilots are flying the EXPRESS - with great pleasure and success.

EXPRESS harness

INTEGRAL 3, a hang glider harness by DELTA FLY

Coming soon: A new version of the INTEGRAL 3 - to be shown first
on the THERMIK-fair at Böblingen, 12-7-2002

For beginners and advanced pilots.
With its special construction (no bars) there is no problem with straitening before
landing. The landing becomes just a gam with this harness.
Thanks to our optimized material cut we are able to offer this model with
perfect adaption to each pilot. It guaratees flying without getting tired.

The 4-point rope-fixation allows to adjust weight allocation free and gives perfect positioning.
The front-entry is very helpful in dressing the harness.

Equipment (basic)

Drag loops
2 side bags
great inside bag
Adjustment (shift) of the harness-angle (for landing) during flight
Container for second chance parachute (at the side, or at the front)
Sizes : 5 basic sizes in steps of 4 cm -
special sizes, special colors, special models on demand ! (Call DELTAFLY)

NEW Harnesses by DELTA FLY ?
 ... ok ! Not this way!!
Off course we do have absolutely serious harnesses for paraglider and hang glider pilots male or female !


RELAX 2, a paragliders harness by DELTA FLY

DELTA FLY Relax 2 is a up-to-date paragliders-harness with great comfort.
X-Country-pilots will love it because of the anatomically designed seat,
the adjustable Cross-over fixation, a large bag for added weight,
4 integrated luggage bags.

The second chance parachute is at the backside, the handle
at the side, good to reach and to see ! (available at the right
or at the left side) Accelerators available - special guidance integrated,
no handicap during starting thanks to a fixing clip.

Savety protector available (optional).

The Relax 2 guarantees long and safe flights.

Max. pilots weight: 100 kg Weight of the harness: 2,9 kg

Without picture: HARNESS LIGHT

Perfect for Beginners, tandem-passangers and mountain tourists.
Very small packing messures. Weigth approx.. 1,6 kg

Biplace-harness by DELTA FLY

Special mechanism for comfortable walking and standing before the start.
Sitting position can be taken without using hands!
Straitening before landing is made easy with this harness.
Great seat areas for better comfort. Prepared for use of protectors.
Very large luggage bag for big Tandem-Bags.

DELTA FLY by Hans Madreiter

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