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The ATOS-C from A-I-R comes with DELTAFLY sails
a-i-r atos Since geginning of 2002 we are rpoducing the sails for the Atos-C. Even in spite of the high levelled costs for a german-based production the A-I-R company decided to do this. (A-I-R (Aeronautic Innovations F.Rühle)
One reason: the good and very successful cooperation with DELTAFLY, guaranty for continuous development and optimization.
a-i-r atos
One more reason: our capability to hold highest quality standards in using CAD and laser cutting technologies.
And. we have great pleasure to be part in developing and manufacturing this innovative and outstanding wing !

Boat sails from DELTAFLY von DeltaFly
Since june 2002 we produce boat sails.
Using our experience in paraglider and hang gliders development the sails are designed with special 3 D software and plotted with absolute precision and laser cutted.
Only use of high quality material guarantees stable profiles and shape as well as long lifetime.
And we have one more advantage: we are flexible and offer very good pricing !
We produce on demand: as a copy of your old sails, from sketches or plans...
Also: persennings, coverings, sunsails...

Contact us, we give you a special and detailled:

Repairs and Changes are made professionally and in shortest time...

Our paretner at the Bodensee lake:
Ronald Ebel
Boote Zubehör +Service
Dorfstr. 63, 88079 Kressbronn
Tel 07543 953796, Mobil 0172 7136 180

DELTAFLY offers repairs and services for Skywalk products
For example repairs and services for Flysurfer kites.
We are responsable for the repairs of the canopy and the to lines, all other lines have to be ordered from Skywalk directly.
The paragliders from Skywalk can be professionally checked by DELTAFLY. The background: we are officially registered air-sports manufacturer and therefore authorized to make the 2-year-checks.

The hang gliders harness INTEGRAL 3 gets a new version.
A prototype will be shown at the Thermik-fair, 7.12.02, in Böblingen, germany.
Siehe auch auf unserer "Gurtzeug"-Seite: Integral 3

By the way...
The HELIX still flies!

3 sizes with DHV-certification 1-2 !

The one 1-2 glider, that gives every pilot exactly what the paragliding sport is promising: pure fun in fying !
Still a great flight :

Starting in Fiesch (Switzerland, valley of the rhone, near by the aletsch-glacier), Thilo Sauter, pilot from Stuttgart, flew his helix to the village of Illanz in the swiss valley of the rhine - 94 km distance.

Do you remember ?

In Emmetten - central switzerland - there was a Fly+Fun-Festival on 15. and 16.8.98.

A new Guiness-Book-Rekord was made:

263 paraglider-pilots were in the air at the same time !

Some of the 263 pilots while landing ! (left)
A strong DELTAFLY-team (finesse-plus, helix, magnum) was acting (right).

DELTA FLY by Hans Madreiter

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